For more than a decade,

Valiant: Animal Rescue + Relief has tackled the most urgent and challenging animal crisis situations in the Carolinas.

From work in major national disasters to supporting large-scale animal cruelty operations, our trained staff, volunteers, and advisors are on-call and equipped with the best emergency and forensic technology.  Our resources are deployed in a way that empowers and builds capacity of local government and animal control.  Our advisors and professional volunteers supplement Animal Rescue + Relief’s emergency services with diverse experience and credentials.

We also have a functioning forensics laboratory where evidence can be processed and stored securely so that chain of custody can be maintained.  Known for our expertise in conducting animal investigations and managing animal abuse seizes, we are experienced in processing crime scenes, collecting evidence, and building cases for trial.

Animal Rescue & Relief (ARR) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. While we do perform traditional rehabilitation and re-homing services, these services are reserved for animals acquired during abuse and neglect cases.

“Valiant Animal Rescue & Relief is on the leading edge of animal cruelty work and has a strong reputation within the veterinarian community. What makes their work so special is that it is done with exceptional professionalism, enormous amounts of passion, and credibility that can be counted on.”

–Kelli Klein, DVM

case file

Loney Garrett Case, Goose Creek, South Carolina

In February 2013, Animal Rescue + Relief and the Berkeley County Sheriff’s office partnered to seize over 45 live, hound dogs at the home of Loney Garrett in Goose Creek, South Carolina.  Said to be one of largest and most widely covered cases of animal cruelty in the history of the state, this case is being watched nationally by animal advocates.

The case has unfortunately taken more than a year to go to court. A plea hearing has been scheduled for Monday, August 25th. Following this, the next step will be a sentencing hearing (date TBD). A representative from ARR will be able to speak at the sentencing hearing. The public is welcome to attend public hearings and future court dates will be posted to the case file and to our social media.