Emergency Animal Disaster Relief

Valiant: Animal Rescue & Relief has deep experience over the past decade performing animal disaster search and rescue work in some of the hardest hit areas affected by natural disasters.

  • Led by our Executive Director, who is certified as an emergency responder and has extensive advanced training through agencies such as American Red Cross and FEMA, our organization is comprised of trained volunteers who are equipped to mobilize their expertise and resources when the call to duty occurs.
  • Oftentimes, ARR’s team gets embedded with other organizations that are on the front lines of disaster response.
  • ARR has direct experience working in the aftermath of numerous hurricanes, including Hurricane Katrina (Louisiana) and Hurricanes Floyd, Irene and Rita (eastern North Carolina).

Do you have emergency response training and have an interest in volunteering your time for deployments during emergencies?  If so, please send a letter of interest and resume that includes your qualifications to arrinc@yahoo.com.

  • disaster_01In order for us the perform search and rescue in some of the hardest hit areas, we had to be escorted by National Guard. We took this picture on our way into St. Bernard Parish.
  • disaster_04We took this picture while working in the aftermath of Hurricane Floyd. Flood waters had washed this house a block away from where it once stood.
  • disaster_03While doing search and rescue in the aftermath of Hurrican Katrina, an ARR team member found this little pregnant pit bull trapped in a debris covered cage hidden behind a home.
  • disaster_02One of many animals we fed while doing search and rescue. The owners had to evacuate for Hurricane Katrina and this little dog was left behind. For weeks he wouldn’t let anyone near him and refused to leave his home.

Support Services During Animal Cruelty Seizes

Valiant: Animal Rescue & Relief has positioned itself to perform critical support services during large-scale, animal cruelty seizes.

  • ARR has an extensive network of trained volunteers including veterinarians, veterinarian technicians, and other experts that can be quickly mobilized to assist law enforcement with an array of critical support services. These seasoned professionals have been specifically recruited for their advanced skill sets, best-in-class knowledge, and diverse credentials.
  • Acting in a volunteer capacity under the leadership and direction of our Executive Director who is trained as an animal forensics expert, our professionals empower law enforcement with specialized expertise and much-needed extra resources. Operating as a well-organized unit, these volunteers can perform critical animal medical care and can direct the intake and evaluation of animals seized in a manner that supports the evidence gathering process.
  • While the identity of these professionals is safeguarded, ARR has more than six licensed veterinarians, more than eight certified veterinarian technicians, animal behaviorists, psychologists, and numerous other professionals that volunteer their time.
  • ARR is the only organization in the Carolinas that takes this unique approach.
  • ARR utilizes its mobile cruelty unit that is outfitted with everything our professionals need to assist law enforcement.  This includes equipment to gather forensic evidence, equipment and supplies needed to evaluate and properly assess animals seized, and supplies to medically treat animals in an emergency setting.
  • support_04An ARR team member inventories animals prior to their removal.
  • support_03Shortly after receiving a court order, ARR team members can be seen removing animals from a County Animal Shelter in SC
  • support_02ARR tents and trailer can be seen during a large scale animal cruelty seize. Within that compound, ARR team members diligently work to assess and document animals prior to them being transported off scene.

Rehabilitation, and Re-homing of Abused and Neglected Animals

Valiant: Animal Rescue & Relief performs the important role of rehabilitation and re-homing of abused and neglected animals that are acquired during cruelty cases and animal seizes.

  • Due to the nature of the cruelty work that ARR performs, animals seized often need urgent medical care and/or substantial rehabilitation. While the severity of neglect and abuse that is treated varies from case to case, all of ARR’s cases involve some level of cruelty and therefore substantial medical care and rehabilitation are almost always required and provided. Sometimes cases result in bulk numbers of animals needing care at one time which requires substantial resources.
  • Urgent medical care is often provided by emergency veterinarians and technicians, while long term care is generally provided by the organization’s staff and its extensive network of foster families and volunteers.
  • ARR restricts its rehabilitation and re-homing services to animals acquired during abuse and neglect cases.  ARR does not accept owner surrenders and animals are not pulled from shelters unless the animals are associated with cases we are involved in.
  • ARR occasionally partners with other well-established and credible animal rescue groups to help find permanent homes for the animals in our care.  These are organizations that we have evaluated and have formal partnership agreements in place with.  Contact us if your organization is interested in working with us.

Click here to see some of the animals currently available for adoption.

  • Past Rehabilitated Animals


    Pinky was badly mistreated and was in critical condition upon her arrival. She was unable to walk and had multiple wounds that were severely infected. She almost lost her front leg as a result. She has since fully recovered after months of intense rehabilitation and is one of the sweetest souls you will ever meet. Please check out her YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEAavGDp1Hw). Pinky is now ready for adoption.


  • Past Rehabilitated Animals


    Montana was a rescue from Hurricane Irene. She and one of her siblings managed to survive flood waters of 20 feet after their owners evacuated without them. The two dogs survived on the roof of their house. When we rescued Montana, she was unable to use her front legs due to malnourishment and weakness. Part of her rehabilitation required her to wear leg braces. She made a full recovery and was given a second chance.


  • Past Rehabilitated Animals


    April was from a cruelty case and was seized along with a number of other animals. She was emaciated and had the worse infestation of equine parasites that we have ever dealt with. She also had an eye injury that her owner had ignored, which resulted in us having to remove her eye. The owner was charged and found guilty. April is now healthy and happy in her new home.


  • Past Rehabilitated Animals


    Hailey was part of a cruelty case and was severely emaciated with exposed bones, multiple wounds, a large opening on the front of her neck, and bad infections. She was unable to walk. She has since made a full recovery and her wounds have completely healed. The case is still pending. Please check out Hailey’s YouTube video which shows her during the middle stages of recovery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKl_UYYCbAw. Hailey is now ready for adoption.


  • Past Rehabilitated Animals


    Hanna was part of a cruelty case and was severely neglected and starved. She was dumped in a ditch and was left to die. It was reported by a concerned citizen. Hanna has since made a full recovery and now enjoys a life with three feline siblings.


  • Past Rehabilitated Animals


    Amber was part of a cruelty case. She was emaciated and had multiple ligature wounds around her neck, infected wounds down her back and chest, and was heart worm positive and riddled with parasites. Her owner was found guilty and charged. Amber is now healthy, fully recovered and living in a permanent and loving home.


  • Past Rehabilitated Animals


    In Columbia, South Carolina, an adorable pit bull mix puppy is lucky to be alive. The little girl was discovered along a Richland County road hogtied, stuffed into a plastic bag and left to die. When discovered, the female puppy was infested with parasites and had an infection from the noose which had cut into her neck. Her legs had been tied together with string, stuffed into a plastic grocery bag and thrown out onto the road as if someone intentionally wanted the puppy to suffer. To help with Olivia’s medical expenses, donations can be made by clicking here. You can also donate via PayPal at Arr_relief@yahoo.com or mail donations to Valiant Animal Rescue, PO Box 13477, Charleston SC 29422.