Clements Ferry Case – Berkeley County, SC

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JUNE 1, 2009  Daniel Island News, Dog Suspected of Neglect Removed from Home



Clements Ferry Case – Berkeley County, SC



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In summer of 2009 a volunteer for Animal Rescue & Relief discovered a malnourished Border Collie on the side of Clements Ferry Road, which Animal Rescue & Relief agreed to take in. But an evaluation by a veterinarian showed that in addition to being underweight, she had recently given birth.

Michelle Reid and a team of volunteers took the Border Collie back to where she was found under police escort, hoping that the mother would lead them to the puppies. Eventually, the team made it out of the woods and onto the property of a private residence where they discovered not only nine puppies, but a dog chained to a car without food or water, an emaciated dog chained to a slab of pavement, and a puppy under a vehicle that was laying in a dirt hole. The nine puppies were found in a makeshift dog house that was covered with feces.

Animal Rescue & Relief seized the animals and subsequently provided them with the medical treatments they needed. A hearing was scheduled in Berkeley County and Reid testified and presented evidence, documentation and photographs of the physical conditions of the animals and the living environment in which they were found. The judge awarded ARR custody of the animals and the owner was charged and fined.

All of the animals from this case were successfully adopted once they were rehabilitated and became healthy enough to be placed in homes.


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