Olivia’s Case – Richland County, Columbia, SC


Olivia’s Case – Richland County, Columbia, SC




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This is an active case and only information that has been publicly reported is available at this time.

In the middle of February, a white SUV (possibly a Ford Explorer) drove down Hunt Club Road in Columbia SC and tossed a trash bag out of the window and into the street. In that trash bag was a small sickly puppy that had been hog-tied. What looked to be black polypropylene baler twine was used to make a noose around the puppy’s neck and then connected to its legs which were bound together. Every time the puppy would try to free herself, the noose got tighter and cut further into the front of her neck.

Olivia is lucky to be alive, and is slowly making progress, but she still has a long recovery. She is being treated for lacerations, parasites and an infection.

Based on the wounds on Olivia’s neck, it looks like she was tied up for some time before being put in a plastic bag. Somebody meant for this to be a drawn out ordeal. She wasn’t meant to just die. Somebody went out of their way to do this. The reward is now $2,000 for anyone with information leading to the arrest of those responsible. If anyone has any information, they are being asked to call 843-327-4602.


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Laura Olsen